Nice to meet you

My name is Claire and although it can likely go without mention, I'll say it anyways - I love to capture moments. Whether it's faces, places, or simply a cup of coffee, it's safe to say I'll have my camera in hand. 



If my camera isn't in hand, it's probably because I'm practicing as a PA-C in interventional radiology. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to pick just one passion. Just because I love photographing moments doesn't mean I can't operate a clinic, perform procedures, and take care of patients in a hospital setting! I decided to pursue medicine after a family member was diagnosed with cancer and I was able to see the tangible positive effect that heath care providers can have on their patients. That's why 10% of profits will go to children that have been diagnosed with cancer

While taking photos is something I truly enjoy, what I love even more is the community that results. The opportunity to meet new faces and collaborate with other individuals is the truly rewarding result of photography. With that being said, I would love to meet you and have the chance to work together! Let's create something, shall we?