Palisade Head Engagement Session by Claire Stanchfield

It didn't take long for me to realize that of all the photography subjects out there, people have been and will continue to be my favorite. Sure, the mountainous landscapes are aesthetically pleasing, but pictures lack a personal quality until people enter the frame. Scenery can elicit emotion from the viewer, but the photograph itself comes to life when the picture features a person with their own emotions. With all that being said, you can only imagine the excitement I felt when a friend asked me to take engagement photos at Palisade Head. Just an hour north of Duluth, Palisade Head is characterized by its soaring cliffs that scale Lake Superior. Combine a beautiful couple with beautiful scenery and the results can only be breathtaking. Even so, I had to contain my excitement as we stopped in Duluth prior to arriving at Palisade Head to stretch our legs (and take a few pictures, of course). 

Of course the couple looked stunning in Duluth by the North Pier, but once these two stepped in front of the camera atop the cliffs with a dramatic drop to the lake below...WOW. The results were downright stunning - keep scrolling and see for yourself!



Beginnings by Claire Stanchfield

Reliving memories visually through pictures is a beautiful thing, but imagine what happens when you pair these pictures with words. It allows you to elaborate and expand on what you've captured. It allows you to tell the whole story - scripted and unscripted. That's what I want to do with you through this blog. 

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